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Seeking a Wills Attorney in San Antonio?

You’ve decided that the time has come for the creation of your will. It’s a commendable decision and deserves the expertise and guidance of a trusted team of attorneys. You deserve The Voeller Law Firm. Proudly serving the communities of San Antonio, Bexar County, Comal County, Guadalupe County and South Texas areas, the Voeller Law Firm stands poised and ready to create a will that will leave no stone unturned and no question unanswered.

The Importance of a Will

According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), there are significant benefits to creating a will that should not be overlooked. “Your will is the keystone of your estate plan,” states AARP, “It spells out how your assets will be distributed and how your dependents will be cared for after you die. If a will is properly prepared, witnessed, and signed, it ensures that your wishes regarding these matters will be carried out.”

The site also adds that a will will help you identify who will handle your estate and assets, as you can choose an executor. AARP adds that “if you die without a will (a condition called ‘intestate’) a probate court will appoint an administrator to direct and manage your estate. The administrator’s duties can include distributing your assets and naming guardians for your children. Be aware that the administrator is guided by local laws, not your wishes, when he or she makes decisions about your estate.”

Why Choose The Voeller Law Firm For Your Will’s Creation

A will is a very important legal document that serves as a “blueprint” for the distribution of your money, assets, property, estate and more. With a will, your voice will be heard and by law, ensuring your wishes are executed. You need a law firm that has the experience, skill set and ingenuity to help you create a will that will provide the utmost detail and direction, upon your death.

The attorneys at The Voeller Law Firm will work relentlessly to ensure that your family’s future is secure. The legal team at The Voeller Law Firm will not only offer detailed, unique solutions for your will, but will also keep you abreast of any laws and information you need, helping secure the vitality of your family and its generations to come. Call the trusted legal team at The Voeller Law Firm today!


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Serving the greater San Antonio, Bexar County, Comal County, Guadalupe County, and South Texas areas, the attorneys at the Voeller Law Firm have over 35 years of experience helping families plan for their futures, protecting surviving spouses, and safeguarding assets for children and grandchildren.

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