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Protect Beneficiaries by Hiring a Texas Gun Trust Attorney

If you’re an avid hunter, you may have a gun collection that’s been left to you by your grandparents or by ancestors even further back in history that is precious to you. You may want to pass this collection down to children or grandchildren, but did you know that if this isn’t done in the right way, it could result in felony charges?  In today’s difficult national climate on gun laws, owning a gun has more legal repercussions than ever.  For this reason, it’s essential to hire an expert attorney like someone from the Voeller Law Firm of Texas if you want to legally pass down your gun collection to another generation.

Avoiding Probate Action and Penalties

The National Firearms Act or NFA regulates the ownership and transfer of many different types of guns. The goal of the act is to keep track of who owns a gun and to discourage the use of them in crime. When you’re passing down the ownership of a gun in this regulated category to a beneficiary, you’ve got to make sure it’s done legally, or you could pay fines of thousands of dollars or even wind up in prison. Your gun collection could also end up in probate court. An NFA gun trust drafted by a skilled legal professional from the Voeller Law Firm of Texas can prevent this from happening.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation with a Texas Gun Trust Attorney Today

If you’re a gun owner who is interested in passing guns down to the next generation, call to schedule a free consultation with a Texas gun trust attorney today.  Let a legal expert from the Voeller Law Firm of Texas help you avoid many legal problems with passing down a gun to a beneficiary.  Don’t get into serious trouble by doing it the wrong way. Call us at (210) 651-3851 and let one of our professional staff help you make sure you stay within the limits of the law.


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