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Comprehensive estate planning covers nearly every aspect of life. It begins with protecting yourself and your personal dignity, and extends to protecting your loved ones and your hard-earned assets.

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Estate Planning Components

Establishing an estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourslef and your loved ones in the event of death or incapacity. Proper estate planning places you in control of what happens to your assets upon your death. Good planning allows you to designate who you want to be in charge of your assets. This planning will spare your loved ones the expense, delay and frustration associated with managing your affairs when you pass away or become incapacited. There are a myriad of legal strategies you might consider implementing as you design your estate plan. Regardless, there are a handful of “must have” estate planning documents you must create before anything else.
Learn more about the “must have” Estate Planning documents.

Elder Law

Focusing on the needs of families and individuals as they age is an important aspect of estate and long-term care planning. With advances in age come advances in health problems. Along with health challenges, we face special legal challenges that need addressing. The body of law addressing these challenges is commonly known as “Elder Law.”
Learn more about planning for Long-Term Care.

VA Aid and Attendance Benefits

There are many different types of Veterans’ Benefits, but knowing what they are, their eligibility criteria, and how to go about obtaining the benefits you are entitled to is to gather up all paperwork and sit down with an experienced attorney in this area.
Learn more about Veteran’s Aid and Attendance.

Medicaid Qualification

Ending up in a nursing home, or an assisted living facility, is one of our greatest fears. Long-term care at a nursing home comes with a tremendous financial price. If you would prefer that Medicaid pick up the cost, you should speak to an attorney who concentrates in Medicaid Eligibility as soon as possible. Delaying seeing an attorney may result in you wasting money and adding unnecessary stress.
Learn more about Medicaid Crisis Planning.


Veterans Benefits

One of the hardest things to know about Veteran’s Benefits is that there are so many things that you possibly do not know. Accordingly, the best approach is to gather up all of your paperwork and spend some time discussing the situation with an attorney experienced in this area. It is essential that you have skilled legal counsel who has been through this arduous government process numerous times.
Learn more about Veteran’s Aid and Attendance.

Medicaid Crisis Planning

If you are thinking about Medicaid, you should speak to an attorney who specializes in that area of law as soon as possible. There is really no time to waste—all you are wasting is money and adding stress. The sooner you get going on this, the sooner you may be eligible for Medicaid.
Learn more about Medicaid Crisis Planning.

Probate & Trust Administration

There can be terrific grief and pain at the loss of a loved one. Beyond grief and pain, when you add external stresses to the equation, you can have a disaster on your hands in very short order.Part of the responsibilities or duties of an executor or administrator of an estate can be to reduce the level of stress during the probate process.
Learn more about Probate and Estate & Trust Administration.

Gun Trusts

There are approximately 80 million gun owners in America with nearly half of all U.S. households owning at least one firearm. With over 20,000 gun related laws in the United States today, owning and eventually passing on a firearm as a legacy must be done with careful planning and consideration.
Learn more about Gun Trusts

Asset Protection

Proper asset protection requires careful planning for your personal and business assets.Threats to your assets can come from a wide variety of potential predators, including future creditors and unnecessary taxes. For wealth preservation panning to be effective, you will need the help of an experienced estate planning attorney sooner rather than later.

Business Succession

If you are starting to think about retirement, then it is also time to think about business succession. You can try to tackle this on your own, but your best bet is enlisting the assistance of an experienced business succession attorney. at the Voeller Law Firm we have the background and skills to help you plan for the future, putting you and your business in the best position for a profitable and smooth transition when that time comes.


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