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  • Finding the right probate attorney for your needs

    When a person passes away, the grief associated with that loss is difficult to manage. But when legal matters related to the estate become part of the equation, grief can quickly turn …

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  • 9 things you need to know about estate planning

    San Antonio citizens of all ages and levels of wealth should have an estate plan in place.  Here are 9 things you need to know about estate planning.

    • Whether you
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  • The benefits of establishing a Limited Liability Company in Texas

    If you’re thinking of starting a new business in San Antonio or changing the structure of an existing business, creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Texas can offer several …

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  • Taking the right steps to get Medicaid coverage

    Medicaid is a healthcare program for families and older Americans with limited financial resources. It is designed for people of all ages who don’t have the necessary means to pay for health …

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  • Why you need a gun trust attorney

    If you’re an avid gun enthusiast like many other people in San Antonio and throughout Texas, then you are also concerned about your gun rights and responsibilities, as you should be.

    Although less …

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  • If you’re in business, you need a good lawyer

    As a business owner, you are juggling a million different things at any given time.

    With many of those challenges you can deal with by yourself, but in other instances, you …

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  • Do I need to have a power of attorney in place?

    A power of attorney is a legal document that entitles a person to appoint an individual or an organization to manage their affairs if that person is unable to …

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  • The advantages of a revocable trust

    A revocable trust is an agreement that allows an individual to sign a trust agreement that names another person as an executor with the power to administer the assets that are placed in the …

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  • Veterans can get extra help through Aid & Attendance benefits

    San Antonio residents who are veterans that have served in the United States military may be eligible for a pension benefit known as Aid and Attendance.

    Aid & Attendance is …

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  • Protecting the rights of the elderly in Texas

    There are about 2.4 million people in Texas who are 65 years or older. As Texas’s population continues to age, the Texas Attorney General is responsible for administering a series of rights …

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  • Protecting your assets from civil money judgments

    Taking the appropriate legal steps to protect your assets from individuals and businesses who are seeking money judgments against you is critical to maintaining your long-term financial health.

    Asset protection is sometimes called …

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  • Living trusts offer many advantages

    Residents of San Antonio who want to save probate costs and establish a long-term way to manage their assets may want to explore the possibility of creating a living trust.

    A revocable living trust …

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